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2014 Publications


FEB 2014  Nakagawa, TT.; Woolrich, M.; Luckhoo, H.; Joensson, M.; Mohseni, H.; Kringelbach, ML.; Jirsa, V.; Deco, G. How delays matter in an oscillatory whole-brain spiking-neuron network model for MEG alpha-rhythms at rest. Neuroimage. Volume: 87 Pages: 383-394.

FEB 2014  Esteve-Gibert, N; Prieto,P. Infants temporally coordinate gesture-speech combinations before they produce their first words.  Speech Communication. Volume: 57  Pages: 301-316. 

FEB 2014  Escera, C.; Malmierca, M.S. The auditory novelty system: An attempt to integrate human and animal research.  Psychophsiology. Volume: 51 Issue: 2 Pages: 111-123.

JAN 2014  Endress, Ansgar D. How are Byanesian models really used? Reply to Frank (2013). Cognition. Volume: 130  Issue: 1  Pages: 81-84.

JAN 2014  Recasens, M.; Grimm, S.; Capilla, A.; Nowak, R.; Escera, C. Two Sequential Processes of Change Detection in Hierarchically Ordered Areas of the Human Auditory Cortex. Cerebral Cortex. Volume: 24 Issue: 1 Pages:  143-153