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2012 Publications


DEC 2012 Díaz, B.; Mitterer, H. Broersma, M.; Sebastián-Gallés, N.  Individual differences in late bilinguals´ L2 phonological processes: From acoustic-phonetic analysis to lexical access. Learning and Individual Differences. Volume: 22 Issue: 6 Pages: 680-689 

NOV 2012 Calabria, M; Sabio, A.; Martin, C.; Hernández, M. Juncadella, M.; Gascón-Bayarri, J.; Reñé, R.; Ortiz-Gil, J.; Ugas, L.; Costa, A.  The missing link between faces and names: Evidence from Alzheimer's disease patients. Brain and Cognition. Volume: 80 Issue: 2 Pages: 250-256

NOV 2012  Barros-Loscertales, A.; Gonzalez, J.; Pulvermueller, F.; Ventura-Campos, N.; Bustamante, JC.; Costumero, V.; Parcet, MA.; Avila, C. Reading Salt Activates Gustatory Brain Regions: fMRI Evidence for Semantic Grounding in a Novel Sensory Modality. Cerebral Cortex. Volume: 22  Issue: 11  Pages: 2554-2563

NOV 2012  Ressel, V.; Pallier C.; Ventura-Campos N.; Diaz B.; Roessler A.; Avila C.; Sebastián-Gallés, N. An effect of bilingualism on the auditory cortex. Journal of Neuroscience. Volume: 42 Issue: 47 Pages: 16597-1660

NOV 2012 Pannunzi, M.; Gigante, G.; Mattia, M.; Deco, G.; Fusi, E.; Del Giudice, P. Learning selective top-down control enhances performance in a visual categorization task. Journal of Neurophysiology. Volume: 108 Issue:11  Pages: 3124-3137

NOV 2012   Finke, M.;  Escera, C.; Barcelo, F. The Effects of Foreknowledge and Task-Set Shifting as Mirrored in Cue- and Target Locked Event-Related Potencials. Plos One. Volume:7  Issue: 11 

OCT 2012 Alho, K.; Grimm, S.; Mateo-Leon, S.; Costa-Faidella, J.; Escera, C. Early processing of pitch in the human auditory system. European Journal of Neuroscience. Volume: 36 Issue: 7 Pages: 2972-2978

OCT 2012  Gerstner, W.; Sprekeler, H.; Deco, G. Theory and Simulation in Neuroscience. Science. 338(6103). 60-65. 

SEP 2012 Sebastian-Galles, N.; Albareda-Castellot, B.; Weikum, W.M.; Werker, J.F. A Bilingual Advantage in Visual Language Discrimination in Infancy. Psychological Science. Volume: 23  Issue: 9  Pages: 994-999.

SEP 2012  Deco, G.; Senden, M.; Jirsa, V. How anatomy shapes dynamics: a semi-analytical study of the brain at rest by a simple spin model. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. Volume: 6 

SEP 2012  Sebastian-Galles, N.; Diaz, B. First and Second Language Speech Perception: Graded Learning. Language Learning. Volume: 62  Pages: 131-147

SEP 2012  Rolls, E.T.; Webb, T.J.; Deco, G. Communication before coherence. European journal of Neuroscience. Volume: 36 Issue: 5 Pages: 2689-2709

SEP 2012  Fuentes, P.; Barros-Loscertales, A.; Bustamante, J.C.; Rosell, P.; Costumero, V.; Ávila, C. Individual differences in the Behavioral Inhibition System are associated with orbitofrontal cortex and precuneus gray matter volume. Cognitive Affective & Behavioral Neuroscience. Volume: 12 Issue: 3 Pages: 491-498

AUG 2012  Benita, J.M.; Guillamon, A.; Deco, G.; Sanchez-Vives, MV. Synaptic depression and slow oscillatory activity in a biophysical network model of the cerebral cortex. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. Volume: 6

AUG 2012 Albantakis, L.; Branzi, F.M.; Costa, A.; Deco, G. A Multiple-Choice Task with Canges of Mind. Plos One. Volume: 7 Issue: 8

AUG 2012  Cornella, Miriam; Leung, Sumie; Grimm, Sabine; Escera, C. Detection of Simple and Pattern Regularity Violations Occurs at Different Levels of the Auditory Hierarchy. Plos One.  Volume: 7 Issue: 8 

JUL 2012  Grimm, S.; Escera, C. Auditory deviance detection revisited: Evidence for a hierarchical novelty system. International Journal of Psychophysiology. Volume: 85 Issue: 1 Pages: 88-92 

JUL 2012 Leung, S.; Cornella, M.; Grimm, S.; Escera, C. Is fast auditory change detection feature specific? An electrophysiological study in humans. Psychophysiology. Volume: 49 Issue: 7 Pages: 933-942 

JUL 2012  Prieto, P.; Vanrell, M.M; Astruc, Ll.; Payne, E.; Post, B. Phonotactic and phrasal properties of speech rhythm. Evidence from Catalan, English, and Spanish. Speech Communication. Volume: 54 Issue: 6 Pages: 681-702 

JUN 2012  Sadat, J.; Martin, C. D.; Alario, F. X.; Costa, A. Characterizing the Bilingual Disadvantage in Noun Phrase Production. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research. Volume: 41 Issue: 3 Pages: 159-179

MAY-JUN 2012  Pons, F.; Albareda-Castellot, B.; Sebastian-Galles, N. The Interplay Between Input and Initial Biases: Asymmetries in Vowel Perception During the First Year of Life. Child Development. Volume: 83 Issue: 3 Pages: 965-976

MAY 2012  Escudero, D.; Aguilar, L.; del Mar Vanrell, M.; Prieto, P. Analysis of inter-transcriber consistency in the Cat_ToBI prosodic labeling system . Speech Comunication. Volume: 54 Issue: 4 Pages: 566-58

MAY 2012 Runnqvist, E.; Strijkers, K.; Alario, F.X.; Costa, A. Cumulative semantic interference is blind to language: Implications for models of bilingual speech production. Journal of Memory and Language. Volume: 66 Issue: 4 Pages: 850-869

MAY 2012  Sebastián-Galles, N.; Soriano-Mas, C.; Baus, C.; Díaz, B.; Ressel, V.; Pallier, C.; Costa, A.; Pujol, J. Neuroanatomical markers of individual differences in native and non-native vowel perception. Journal of Neurolinguistics. Volume: 25 Issue: 3 Pages: 150-162

MAY 2012  Tavano, A.; Grimm, S.; Costa-Faidella, J.; Slabu, L.; Scjröger, E.; Escera, C. Spectrotemporal processing drives fast access to memory traces for spoken words. Neruoimage. Volume: 60 Issue: 4 Pages: 2300-2308

APR 2012 Borras-Comes, J.; Costa-Faidella, J.; Prieto, P.; Escera, C. Specific Neural Traces for Intonational Discourse Categories as Revealed by Human-evoked Potentials. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. Volume: 24 Issue: 4 Pages: 843-853 

APR 2012 Costa, A.; Calabria, M.; Marne, P.; Hernández, M.; Juncadella, M.; Gascçpm-Bayarri, J.; Lleó, A.; Ortiz-Gil, J.; Lidia, U.; Rafaeñ. B.; Reñé, R. On the parallel deterioration of lexico-semantic processes in the bilinguals' two languages: Evidence from Alzheimer's disease. Neuropsychologia. Volume: 50 Issue: 5 Pages: 740-753

APR 2012  Runnqvist, E.; Costa, A. Is retrieval-induced forgetting behind the bilingual
disadvantage in word production? Bilingualism-Language and Cognition. Volume: 15 Issue: 2 Pages: 365-377

APR 2012  Avila, C.; Garbin, G.; Sanjuan, A.; Forn, C.; Barrós-Loscertales, A.; Bustamante, J.C.; Rodríguez-Pujadas, A.; Belloch, V.; Parcet, M.A. Frontostriatal response to set switching is moderated by reward sensitivity. Social cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. Volume: 7 Issue: 4
Pages: 423-430

MAR 2012  Naatanen, R.; Kujala, T.; Escera, C.; Baldeweg, T.; Kreegipuu, K.; Carlson, S.; Ponton, C. The mismatch negativity (MMN) - A unique window to disturbed central auditory processing in ageing and different clinical conditions. Clinical Neurophysiology. Volume: 123 Issue: 3 Pages: 424-458

MAR 2012   Deco, G.; Jirsa, V.K. Ongoing Cortical Activity at Rest: Criticality, Multistability, and Ghost Attractors. Journal of Neuroscience. Volume: 32 Issue: 10 Pages: 3366-3375

MAR 2012  Deco, G.; Hugues, E. Neural Network Mechanisms Underlying Stimulus Driven Variability Reduction. Plos Computational Biology. Volume: 8 Issue: 3

MAR 2012  Dominguez-Borras, J.; Garcia-Garcia, M.; Escera, C. Phase re-setting of gamma neural oscillations during novelty processing in an appetitive context. Biological psychology. Volume: 89 Issue: 3 Pages: 545-552

MAR 2012  Prieto, P.; Estrella, A.; Thorson, J.; Vanrell, M.M. Is prosodic development correlated with grammatical and lexical development? Evidence from emerging intonation in Catalan and Spanish. Journal of child language. Volume: 39 Issue: 2 Pages: 221-257

FEB 2012  Ivanova, I.; Pickering, M. J.; Branigan, Holly P.; McLean, J.; Costa, A. The comprehension of anomalous sentences: Evidence from structural priming. Cognition. Volume: 122 Issue: 2 Pages: 193-209

FEB 2012  Forn, C.; Rocca, M. A.; Valsasina, P.; Bosca, I.; Casanova, B.; Sanjuán, A.; Ávila, C.; Massimo, F. Functional magnetic resonance imaging correlates of cognitive performance in patients with a clinically isolated syndrome suggestive of multiple sclerosis at presentation: an activation and connectivity study. Multiple Sclerosis Journal. Volume: 18 Issue: 2 Pages: 153-163

FEB 2012  Deco, G.; Hugues, E. Balanced Input Allows Optimal Encoding in a Stochastic Binary Neural Network Model: An Analytical Study. Plos One. Volume: 7 Issue: 2

FEB 2012 Laka, I.. Accounting for Ergativity. Lingua. Volume: 122 Issue: 3 Special Issue: SI Pages: 177-180

FEB 2012  Ezeizabarrena, M.J. The (in)consistent ergative marking in early Basque: L1 vs. child L2. Lingua. Volume: 122 Issue: 3 Pages: 303-317

JAN 2012  Slabu, L.; Grimm, S.; Escera, C. Novelty Detection in the Human Auditory Brainstem. Journal of Neuroscience. Volume: 32 Issue: 4 Pages: 1447-1452

JAN 2012  Grimm, S.; Recasens, M.; Althen, H.; Escera, C. Ultrafast tracking of sound location changes as revealed by human auditory evoked potentials. Biological Psychology. Volume: 89 Issue: 1 Pages: 232-239

JAN 2012 Martin, C. D.; Costa, A.; Dering, B.; Hoshino, N.; Jing Wu, Y.; Thierry, G. Effects of speed of word processing on semantic access: The case of bilingualism. Brain and Language.Volume: 120 Issue: 1 Pages: 61-65 

JAN 2012 Hernandez, M.; Costa, A.; Humphreys, G.W. Escaping capture: Bilingualism modulates distraction from working memory. Cognition. Volume: 122 Issue: 1 Pages: 37-50