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2009 Publications


2009    Soto-Faraco, S; Alsius, A.  Deconstructing the McGurk- MacDonald Illusion.  Journal of Experimental Psychology- Human Perception and Performance.  Volume 35, Issue 2, Pages: 580-587

2009   Sebastián-Gallés, N; Bosch, L. Developmental shift in the discrimination of vowel constrasts in bilingual infants: is the distributional account all there is to it?  Developmental Science. Volume 12, Issue 6, Pages: 874-887    [ pdf]

2009    Deco, G; Martí, D; Ledberg, A; Reig, R; Sanchez Vives,M.V. Effective Reduced Diffusion-Models: A Data Driven Approach to the Analysis of  Neuronal Dynamics. Plos Computational Biology. Volume 5, Issue 12     [ pdf]

2009    Domínguez-Borrás, J; Trautmann, SA; Erhard, P; Fehr, T; Herrmann, M; Escera, C. Emotional Context Enhances Auditory Novelty Proccessing in Superior Temporal Gyrus. Cerebral Cortex. Volume 19, Issue 7, Pages: 1521-1529

2009    González, J; McLennan, CT. Hemispheric Differences in the Recognition of Environmental Sounds. Phychological Science. Volume 20, Issue 7, Pages: 887-894

2009    Skoruppa, K;Pons, F; Christophe, A; Bosch, L; Dupoux, E; Sebastián-Gallés, N; Alves Limissuri, R; Peperkamp, S. Language-specific stress perception 9-month-old French and Spanish infants. Developmental Science.  Volume 12, Issue 6, Pages: 914-919

2009    Sebastián-Gallés, N; Vera-Constan, F; Larsson, JP; Costa, A. Deco, G. Lexical Plasticity in Early Bilinguals Does Not Alter Phoneme Categories: II. Experimental Evidence. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. Volume 21, Issue 12, Pages: 2343-2357    [ pdf]

2009    Nunez-Pena, MI; Aznar-Casanova, JA. Mental rotation of mirrored letters: Evidence from event-related brain potentials. Brain and Cognition. Volume 69, Issue 1, Pages: 180-187

2009    Soto-Faraco, S; Deco, G. Multisensory contributions to the perception of the vibrotactile events. Behavioural Brain Research. Volume 196, Issue 2, Pages: 145-154    [ pdf]

2009    Pons, F; Lewkowicz, DJ; Soto- Faraco, S; Sebastián-Gallés, N. Narrowing of intersensory speech perception in infancy. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Volume 106, Issue 26, Pages: 10598-10602    [ pdf]

2009    Costa, A; Hernández, M; Costa-Faidella, J; Sebastián-Gallés, N. On the bilingual advantage in conflict processing: Now you see it, now you don't. Cognition. Volume 113, Issue 2, Pages: 135-149     [ pdf]

2009    Azanon, E; Haggard, P. Somatosensory processing and body representation. Cortex. Volume 45, Issue 9, Pages: 1078-1084

2009    Erdocia, K; Laka, I; Mestres-Misse, A; Rodríguez-Fornells, A. Syntactic complexity and ambiguity resolution in a free word order language: Behavioral and electrophysiological evidences from Basque. Brain and Language. Volume 109, Issue 1, Pages: 1-17

2009   Perales Haya, S.; García Mayo, M.P.; Liceras, J.M. The acquisition of L3 English negation by bilingual (Spanish/Basque) learners in an institutional setting. International Journal of Bilingualism. Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages: 3-33

2009    Albantakis, L; Deco, G. The encoding of alternatives in multiple-choice decision making. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Volume 106, Issue 25, Pages: 10308-10313    [ pdf]

2009    Costa, A; Strijkers, K; Martin, C; Thierry, G. The time course of word retrieval revealed by event-related brain potentials during overt speech. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Volume 106, Issue 50, Pages: 21442-21446    [ pdf]

2009    Cunillera, T; Carama, E; Toro, JM; Marco-Pallares, J; Sebastián-Gallés, N; Ortiz, H; Pujol, J; Rodríguez-Fornells, A.  Time course and functional neuroanatomy of speech segmentation in adults. Neuroimage. Volume 48, Issue 3, Pages: 541-553    [ pdf]

2009    Ramón-Casas, M; Swingley, D; Sebastián-Gallés, N; Bosch, L. Vowel categorization during word recognition in bilingual toddlers. Cognitive Psychology. Volume 59, Issue 1, Pages: 96-121   [ pdf]



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