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Research Areas and Projects


The research programme is organized in two major avenues: 

1. Learning, knowing and using more than one language

  1. Early bilingualism: infant studies
  2. Adult studies: Perception, production 
  3. Individual differences in learning a second language: more than just learning language


2. More than just language

  1. Auditory Perception
  2. Multisensory Integration
  3. Attention: Decision making and executive control mechanisms


PROJECTS (available links below)

 1.   Early steps in bilingualism: Infant studies

 2.   Adult language processing 

 3.   Exploring Lexical Access in Speech Production 

 4.   The grammars of bilinguals 

 5.   The neurophysiology of auditory perception 

 6.   Multisensory Integration in second language 

 7.   Multisensory integration outside the language domain 

 8.   Executive control in Bilingual contexts 

 9.   Phychophysical and theoretical studies on flexibility (changes of mind) in decision-making

10.  Multiple-choice decision-making