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2013 Publications


DEC 2013  Leung, S.; Recasens, M.; Grimm, S.; Escera, C. Electrophysiological index of acoustic temporal regularity violation in the middle latency range. Clinical Neurophsiology. Volume: 124 Issue: 12  Pages: 2397-2405.

DEC 2013  Selinger, L.; Dominguez-Borras, J.; Escera, C. Phasic boosting of auditory perception by visual emotion. Biological Psychology. Volume: 94 Issue: 3  Pages: 271-478.

DEC 2013  Cornella, M.; Leung, S.; Grimm, S.; Escera, C. Regularity encoding and deviance detection of frequency modulated sweeps: Human middle- and long-latency auditory evoked potentials. Psychophysiology. Volume: 50 Issue: 12  Pages: 1275-1281.

NOV 2013  Althen, H.; Grimm, S.; Escera, C. Simple and complex acoustic regularities are encoded at different levels of the auditory hierarchy. European Journal of Neuroscience. Volume: 38 Issue: 10  Pages: 3448-3455. 

NOV 2013  Runnqvist, E.; Gollan, T. H.; Costa, A. A disadvantage in bilingual sentence production modulated by syntactic frequency and similarity across languages. Cognition. Volume: 129 Issue: 2  Pages: 256-263.

NOV 2013  Martin, C.D.; Guillaume T.; Kuipers, J.R.; Boutonnet, B.; Foucart, A.; Costa, A. Bilinguals reading in their second language do not predict upcoming words as native readers do. Journal of Memory and Language. Volume: 69 Issue: 4  Pages: 574-588.

NOV 2013  Abolafia, J.M.; Martinez-Garcia, M.; Deco, G.; Sanchez-Vives, MV. Variability and information content in auditory cortex spike trains during an interval-discrimination task. Journal of Neurophysiology. Volume: 110 Issue: 9  Pages: 2163-2174.


NOV 2013  Esteve-Gibert, N; Prieto,P. Prosody signals the emergence of intentional communication in the first year of life: evidence from Catalan-babbling infants.  Journal of Child Language. Volume: 40  Issue: 5 Pages: 919-944.

OCT 2013  Ezeizabarrena, M.J. Overt subjects in early Basque and other null subject languages.  International Journal of Bilingualism. Volume: 17  Issue: 3 Pages: 309-336.

OCT 2013  Gerstner, W.; Sprekeler, H. ; Deco, G. Theory and Simulation in Neuroscience. Science. Volume: 338 Issue: 6103 Pages: 60-65.

OCT 2013  Strijkers, K.; Baus, C.; Runnqvist, E.; FitzPatrick, I.; Costa, A. The temporal dynamics of first versus second language production. Brain and Language. Volume: 127 Issue: 1 Pages: 6-11. 

OCT 2013  Cruz Gomez, A.J.; Ventura Campos, N.; Belenguer, A.; Ávila, C.; Forn, C. Regional Brain Atrophy and Functional Connectivity Changes Related to Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis. Plos One. Volume: 8 Issue: 10.

OCT 2013  Masquelier, T.; Deco, G. Network Bursting Dynamics in Excitatory Cortical Neuron Cultures Results from the Combination of Different Adaptive Mechanism. Plos One. Volume: 8 Issue: 10.

OCT 2013  Nakagawa, T.; Jirsa, V.; Spiegler, A.; McIntosh, A.; Deco, G. Bottom up modeling of the connectome: Linking structure and function in the resting brain and their changes in aging. Neuroimage. Volume: 80  Pages: 318-329.

OCT 2013  Hernandez, M.; Martin, C.; Barcelo, F.; Costa, A. Where is the bilingual advantage in task-switching? Journal of Memory and Language. Volume: 69 Issue: 3 Pages: 257-276.

SEP 2013  Rodríguez-Pujadas, A.; Sanjuan, A.; Ventura-Campos, N.; Román, P.; Martín, C.; Barceló, F.; Costa, A.; Ávila, C. Bilinguals Use Language-Control Brain Areas More Than Monolinguals to Perform Non-Linguistic Switching Tasks. Plos One. Volume: 8 Issue: 9.

SEP 2013  Barros-Loscertales, A.; Ventura-Campos, N.; Visser, M.; Alsius A, Pallier C, Avila Rivera C, Soto-Faraco S. Neural correlates of audiovisual speech processing in a second language. Brain and Language. Volume: 126 Issue: 3  Pages: 253-262.

AUG 2013  Costumero, V.; Barros-Loscertales, A.; Bustamante, J.C.; Ventura-Campos, N.; Ávila, C. Reward sensitivity modulates connectivity among reward brain areas during processing of anticipatory reward cues. European Journal of Neuroscience. Volume: 38 Issue: 3  Pages: 2399-2407.


AUG 2013  Vanrell, MD.; Stella, A.; Fivela, BG.; Prieto, P.; Prosodic manifestations of the Effort Code in Catalan, Italian and Spanish contrastive focus.  Journal of the international phonetic association. Volume: 43 Issue: 2 Pages: 195-220.

AUG 2013  Strijkers, K.; Runnqvist, E.; Costa, A.; Holcomb, P. The poor helping the rich: How can incomplete representations monitor complete ones?. Behavioral and brain sciences.  Volume: 36 Issue: 4 Pages:  374-375.  

AUG 2013  Ponce-Alvarez, A.; Thiele, A.; Albright, TD.; Stoner, GR.; Deco, G.  Stimulus-dependent variability and noise correlations in cortical MT neurons. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Volume: 110 Issue: 32 Pages: 13162-13167.

JUL 2013  Forn, C.; Ripollés, P.; Cruz-Gómez, A.J.; Belenguer, A.;  González-Torre, J.A; Avila C. Task-load manipulation in the Symbol Digit Modalities Test: An alternative measure of information processing speed. Brain and Cognition. Volume: 82 Issue: 2  Pages: 152-160.

JUL 2013  Brunelliere, A.; Sanchez-Garcia, C.; Ikumi, N.; Soto-Faraco, S. Visual information constrains early and late stages of spoken-word recognition in sentence context. International Journal of Psychophysiology. Volume: 89 Issue: 1 Pages: 136-147.

JUL 2013  Soto-Faraco, S.; Azanon, E.  Electrophysiological correlates of tactile remapping. Neuropsychologia. Volume: 51 Issue: 8 Pages: 1584-1594.

JUL  2013  Deco, G.; Ponce-Alvarez, A.; Mantini, D.; Romani, GL.; Hagmann, P.; Corbetta, M. Resting-State Functional Connectivity Emerges from Structurally and Dynamically Shaped Slow Linear Fluctuations.  Journal of Neuroscience. Volume: 33 Issue: 27 Pages: 11239-11252.

JUL 2013   Prieto, P.; Borras-Comes, J.; Tubau, S.; Espinal, MT. Prosody and gesture constrain the interpretation of double negation. Lingua. Volume: 131 Pages: 136-150.  

JUN 2013  Costumero, V.; Barros-Loscertales, A.; Carlos Bustamante, J.; Ventura-Campos, N.; Fuentes, P.; Rosell-Negre, P.; Ávila, C. Reward Sensitivity Is Associated with Brain Activity during Erotic Stimulus Processing. Plos One. Volume: 8 Issue: 6 .

JUN  2013  Trautmann-Lengsfeld, S.; Dominguez-Borras, J.; Escera, C.; Herrmann, M.; Fehr, T. The Perception of Dynamic and Static Facial Expressions of Happiness and Disgust Investigated by ERPs and fMRI Constrained Source Analysis. Plos One. Volume: 8 Issue: 6.

JUN  2013  Esteve-Gibert, N.; Prieto, P.  Prosodic Structure Shapes the Temporal Realization of Intonation and Manual Gesture Movements. Journal of speech language and hearing research. Volume: 56 Issue: 3 Pages: 850-864.

JUN 2013  Abutalebi, J.; Della Rosa, P.A.; Gonzaga, AKC.; Keim,R.; Costa,A.; Perani, D. The role of the left putamen in multilingual language production. Brain and Language. Volume: 125, Issue: 3 Pages: 307-315.

MAY 2013  Sebastian-Galles, N.  Eyes wide shut: linking brain and pupil in bilingual and monolingual toddlers. Trends in cognitive sciences. Volume: 17 Issue: 5 Pages: 197-198.

MAY 2013  Endress, AD. Bayesian learning and the psychology of rule induction. Cognition. Volume: 127, Issue: 2 Pages: 159-176.

MAY 2013  Ventura-Campos, N.; Sanjuan, A.; Gonzalez, J.; Palomar-Garcia, MA.; Rodriguez-Pujadas, A.; Sebastian-Galles, N.; Deco,G.; Cesar, A. Spontaneous Brain Activity Predicts Learning Ability of Foreign Sounds.  Journal of Neuroscience. Volume: 33, Issue: 22 Pages: 9295-9305.

APR 2013  Deco, G.; Rolls, E.; Albantakis, L.; Romo,R.Brain Mechanisms for perceptual and reward-related decision-making. Progress in Neurobiology. Volume: 103. Pages: 194-213.

APR 2013  Rolls, E.; Dempere-Marco, L.; Deco, G. Holding Multiple Items in Short Term Memory: A Neural Mechanism. Plos One. Volume: 8, Issue: 4. 

APR 2013  Nunez-Pena, Ml.; Suarez-Pellicioni, M.; Guilera, G.; Mercade-Carranza, C. A Spanish version of the short Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale (sMARS). Learning and individual differences. Volume: 24,  Pages: 204-210.

APR 2013  Brunelliere, A.; Soto-Faraco, S. The speakers´accent shapes the listeners´phonological predictions during speech perception. Brain and Language. Volume: 125, Issue: 1 Pages: 82-93

APR 2013   Dufour, S.; Brunelliere, A.; Nguyen, N.  To What Extend do we Hear Phonemic Contrasts in a Non-native Regional Variety? Tracking Dynamics of Perceptual Processing with EEG. Journal of Pshycholinguistic Research. Volume: 42, Issue:2 Pages: 161-173.

APR 2013  Tarlowski, A.; Wodniecka, Z.; Marzecova, A. Language Switching in the Production of Phrases. Journal of Pshycholinguistic Research. Volume: 42, Issue: 2 Pages: 103-118.

MAR 2013 Sanjuan, A. ; Bustamante, JC.; Garcia-Porcar, M. ; Rodriguez-Pujadas, A.; Forn, C.; Martinez, JC.; Campos, A.; Palau, J.; Gutierrez, A.; Villanueva, V.; Avila, C. Bilateral inferior frontal language-related activation correlates with verbal recall in patients with left temporal lobe epilepsy and typical language distribution. Epilepsy Research. Volume: 104, Issue:1-2, Pages: 118-124

MAR 2013  Baus, C.; Costa, A.; Carreiras, M. On the effects of second language immersion on first language production. Acta Psychologica. Volume: 142, Issue: 3 Pages: 402-409.

FEB 2013  de la Mora, DM.; Toro, JM.; Rule learning over consonants and vowels in a non-human animal. Cognition. Volume: 126, Issue: 2 Pages: 307-312.

FEB 2013 Perez-Bellido, A.; Soto-Faraco, S.; Lopez Moliner, J. Sound-driven enhancement of vision: disentangling detection-level from decision-level contributons. Journal of Neurophysiology. Volume: 109, Issue: 4, Pages: 1065-1077.

FEB 2013 Santesteban, M.; Branigan, H.P.; Pickering, M.J. The effects of word order on subject-verb and object-verb agreement: Evidence from Basque. Journal of Memory and Language. Volume: 68, Issue:2, Pages: 160-179.

FEB 2013 Crespo Sendra, V.; Kaland, C.; Swerts, M.; Prieto,P. Perceiving incredulity: Ther role of intonation and facial gestures. Journal of Pragmatics. Volume: 47, Issue: 1, Pages: 1-13.

FEB 2013 Biau, E.; Soto-Faraco, S. Beat gestures modulate auditory integration in speech perception. Brain and Language. Volume: 104, Issue: 2, Pages: 143-152.