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Technical and Administrative Support Services


UB:   Administrative Services:  Marta Turro.
          Tecnichal Services: J. Valenzuela.
UJ:   Technical Services: N. Ventura. 
UPF:   Administrative Services: F. Nava, C. Cuadrado, S. Sáez.          
            Tecnichal Services: S. Blanch, X. Mayoral.
UPV:  Administrative Services:  E. Petrirena.
            Tecnichal Services: Y. Acedo.   




Geographical distribution of main tasks   



The main aim is to assist researchers in carrying out bureaucratic and technical procedures that invariably take up both time and resources. Our team works daily to provide principal investigators (PIs) and their collaborators with all they need on an administrative and technical level in order to conduct their work, ensuring that they can concentrate their efforts on the research task itself, rather than becoming caught up in associated activities.


Since the various groups involved in a research project are usually based in different geographical locations, support services tend to be offered via decentralised nodes. However, due to the assignment of personnel or logistic facilities, one of the nodes may still centralise common tasks, while remaining in constant communication and a relationship of support with the other nodes.