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2010 Publications


2010   Buehlmann, A; Deco, G. Optimal Information Transfer in the Cortex through Synchronization. Plos Computational Biology Volume: 6 Issue: 9

2010 Rolls, ET; Grabenhorst, F; Deco, G. Decision-Making, Errors, and Confidence in the Brain. Journal of Neurophysiology. Volume: 104 Issue:5 Pages: 2539-2374

2010  Talsma, D; Senkowski, D; Soto-Faraco, S; Woldorff, Marty G. The multifaceted interplay between attention and multisensory integration. Trends in cognitive siciences.Volume: 14 Issue: 9 Pages: 400-410

2010  Garbin, G; Sanjuan, A; Forn, C; Bustamante, J.C; Rodríguez-pujadas, A; Belloch, V; Hernández, M; Costa, A; Ávila, C.  Bridging language and attention: Brain basis of the impact of bilingualism on cognitive control.  Neuroimage. Volume: 53 Issue: 4 Pages: 1272-1278

2010  Elordieta, G.; Irurtzun, A. The relationship between meaning and intonation in non-exhaustive answers: evidence from Basque. The Linguistic Review. Volume: 27  Pages: 261-291

2010  Sanjuan, A; Forn, C; Ventura-Campos, N; Rodríguez-Pujadas,A; García-Porcar, M; Belloch, V; Villanueva, V; Ávila, C. The sentence verification task: a reliable fMRI protocol for mapping receptive language in individual subjects.  European Radiology. Volume: 20 Issue: 10 Pages: 2432-2438

2010    Slabu, L; Escera, C; Grimm, S. Early Change detection in humans as revealed by auditory brainstem and middle-latency evoked potentials. European Journal of Neuroscience . Volume:32, Issue:5, Pages: 859-865

2010    Pons, F;Toro, JM.Structural generalizations over consonants and vowels in 11-month-old infants. Cognition.Volume:116, Issue:3, Pages: 361-367

2010     Insabato, A; Pannunzi, M; Rolls, ET; Deco, G. Confidence-related decision making. Journal of Neurophysiology. Volume:104, Issue:1, Pages: 539-547    [ pdf]    

2010     Azanon, E; Longo, MR; Soto-Faraco, S; Haggard, P.The posterior parietal cortex remaps touch into external space. Current  Biology. Volume: 20, Issue: 14, Pages:1304-1309

2010     Barros-Loscertales, A; Ventura-Campos, N; Sanjuan-Tomas, A; Belloch, V; Parcet, MA; Avila, C. Behavioral activation system modulation on brain activation during appetitive and aversive stimulus processing. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. Volume:5, Issue: 1, Pages: 18-28

2010     Hernandez, M;Costa, A; Fuentes, LJ; Vivas, AB; Sebastián-Gallés, N. The impact of bilingualism on the executive control and orienting networks of attention. Bilingualism-Language and Cognition. Volume:13, Issue: 3, Pages: 315-325    [ pdf] 

2010     Cano, A; Hernandez, M, I; Ivanova, I; Juncadella, M; Gascon-Baygarri, J; Rene, R; Costa, A. When one can write SALTO as noun but not as verb: A grammatical category-specific, modality-specific deficit. Brain and Language. Volume:114, Issue:1, Pages:26-42

2010    Azanon, E; Camacho, K; Soto- Faraco,S. Tactile remapping beyond space. European Journal of Neuroscience. Volume 31, Issue:10, Pages:1858-1867

2010    Deco, G; Roland, P. The role of multi- area interactions for the computation of apparent motion. Neuroimage. Volume 51, Issue:3, Pages: 1018-1026    [ pdf]

2010   Deco, G; Rolls, Romo, R. Synaptycs dynamics and decision making. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Volume 107, Issue 16, Pages: 7545-7549  

2010    Navarra, J; Alsius, A; Soto-Faraco,S; Spence, C. Assessing the role of attention in the audiovisual integration of speech. Information Fusion. Volume 11, Issue:1, Pages: 4-11

2010     García- García, M; Clemente, I; Domínguez- Borras, J; Escera, C.  Dopamine transporter regulates the enhancement of novelty processing by a negative emotional context. Neurophychologia. Volume 48, Issue:5, Pages: 1483-1488

2010    Dupoux, E; Peperkamp, S; Sebastián-Gallés, N. Limits on bilingualism resivisited: Stress 'deafness' in simultaneous French-Spanish bilinguals. Cognition. Volume 114, Issue: 2, Pages: 266-275   [ pdf]  

2010    SanMiguel, I; Morgan, HM; Klein, C; Linden, D; Escera, C. On the functional significance of Novelty - P3: Facilitation by unexpected novel sounds. Biological Phychology. Volume 83, Issue 2, Pages: 143-152

2010    Acha, J; Laka, I; Perea, M. Reading development in agglutinative languages: Evidence from beginning, intermediate and adult Basque readers. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. Volume 105, Issue 4, Pages:359-375   [ pdf]

2010    Carreiras, M; Dunabeitia, JA; Vergara, M; De la Cruz- Pavía, I; Laka, I. Subject relative clauses are not universally easier to process: Evidence from Basque.  Cognition. Volume 115, Issue 1, Pages: 79-92

2010    Prieto, P.; Estebas-Vilaplana, E.; Vanrell, M.M.; The relevance of prosodic structure in tonal articulation. Edge effects at the prosodic word level in Catalan and Spanish. Journal of Phonetics. Volume 38, Issue 4, Pages: 688-707

2010   Ortega-Llebaria, M.; Prieto, P. Acoustic correlates of stress in Central Catalan and Castilian Spanish. Language and Speech. Volume: 54 Issue: 1 Pages: 73-97

2010   Santesteban, M., Pickering, M. J., & McLean, J. F. Lexical and phonological effects on syntactic processing: Evidence from syntactic priming. Journal of Memory and Language. Volume 63, Pages: 347-366

2010    García - García, M; Barceló, F; Clemente, IC; Escera, C. The role of the dopamine transporter DAT1 genotype on the neural correlates of cognitive flexibility. European Journal of Neuroscience. Volume 31, Issue 4, Pages: 754-760

2010    Colomé, A; Laka, I; Sebastián-Gallés, N. Language effects in addition: How you say it counts.  Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. Volume 63, Issue 5, Pages: 965-983   [ pdf]

2010    Strijkers, K; Costa, A; Thierry, G. Tracking Lexical Access in Speech Production: Electrophysiological Correlates of Word Frequency and Cognate Effects.Cerebral Cortex. Volume 20, Issue 4, Pages: 912-928   [ pdf]

2010    García- García, M; Yordanova, J; Kolev, V; Domínguez-Borrás, J; Escera, C. Tuning the brain for novelty detection under emotional threat: The role of increasing gamma phase-synchronization. Neuroimage. Volume 49, Issue 1, Pages: 1038-1044

2010    Colome, A; Miozzo, M. Wich Words are Activated During Bilingual Word Production? Journal of Experimental Psychology-Learning Memory and Cognition. Volume 36, Issue 1, Pages: 96-10

2010    Sanjuán, A; Bustamante, JC; Forn, C; Ventura-Campos, N; Barros-Loscertales, A; Martínez, JC; Villanueva, V. Ávila, C. Comparison of two fMRI tasks for the evaluation of the expressive language function. Neuroradiology. Volume 52, Issue 5, Pages: 407- 415


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